How's and Why's of Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been hailed as one of the most reliable and effective nutrients. The most sought-after supplement when we feel the common cold coming up. Though treating Vitamin C as a one-stop cure may be taking it too far... it does have wide-ranging benefits. Most relevant for us - "How does it benefit our skin?"

🍊 Why We Love Vitamin C

A powerhouse ingredient, Vitamin C is well-known and tested to help even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. To understand how exactly, an explanation of the origins of dull, uneven skin tone is in order.Β 

🍊 Dull Skin vs. Vitamin C

Excessive sun exposure can cause areas of hyperpigmentation, as these UVB rays penetrate our skin, causing damage to our cells. In response, the body’s immune system releases more melanin to help absorb the UVB rays and protect nearby cells. In other words, you can think of melanin as a shield! We don’t call the skin as the first line of defense of the immune system for nothing!Β 

But… this does mean we’ll have spots of hyperpigmentation as our skin works extra hard. And areas where UV radiation has slipped through, connective tissues have been broken down, thereby accelerating signs of aging.Β 

Vitamin C supports the skin by addressing these two issues. First, it inhibits the production of tyrosinase, the necessary component of melanin synthesis. Less melanin = less pigmentation. What’s more amazing is that Vitamin C will lighten these darkened spots and not just the skin overall. A beautiful even-tone is the result. Secondly, it stimulates the production of collagen, recovering and providing skin with strength and elasticity. A radiant glow is naturally the result with the help of Vitamin C.Β 

Skin looks and feels healthier with Vita C energizing power!