Have you heard of peptides?


You may have heard this buzzword said time and time again when looking at skin care. It seems like there is always something new out there and it can get very confusing for the average customer. How can we possibly know what is actually going to benefit our skin and what is just a trend. So, what are peptides? What is so great about peptides? Are they worth the hype? Should this be something we add into our skin care routines? 


Well, fear not! That is why I am here. Consider me your skin educator. This ingredient is in fact worth the hype! Peptides are proteins that tell your cells to produce more collagen, which is one of the main building blocks for youthful, healthy skin. They help to soften fine lines and wrinkles, strengthen the skin’s barrier, increase hydration and give skin a more youthful appearance. What more could we possibly want in an ingredient? We are applying a product onto the skin and tricking it into creating collagen - it’s genius! 


The Dr. Pepti Peptide collection features an volume essence advanced serum, volume bubble mask and a volume cleansing foam. All products are formulated with Dr. Pepti’s peptide formula. When the product comes in contact with the oxygen in the air, it creates small bubbles on the skin which increases the penetration of how the peptides go into the skin. Deeper penetration = MORE benefits for you! This collection also contains different kinds of peptides, centella asiatica extract and volufiline to assist with collagen formulation, promote cell growth, support healthy hydrated skin,  and firms the skin.  


So what are you waiting for?! Go ahead and click add these items to your cart! I promise you won't regret it!


Hi, I’m Jade. A Canadian medical esthetician and skin blogger with over 10 years experience in the beauty industry. I have always had a passion for skin and skin care products and love to share my tips and tricks. I believe in education and educating clients about their skin and skin care. I love to try new products and treatments and believe that we can ALL love the skin we are in.